Friday, July 13, 2012

VBS Day 5

It's sad to think that today is our last full day here.

We have had so many incredible blessings.

Kailah, Leslie and Rebecca have had a great time!

This morning one of the ladies, Bobbie, brought Paityn a backpack to put her baby in. What a thoughtful present.

The people were so grateful to Mitchell, Justin and Emily for their help in the bible story room.

Today we played with bubbles.

And talked about trusting God.

The Gideons brought Bibles for all the kids.

Earlier in the week Brandon and Katie were nominated for a pie in the face.

Over $3900 was collected to buy these mosquito nets. They will be able to buy 650 nets for kids.

And the winner was the guys, so Katie was it!

Brandon invited Lincoln to help him.

So much fun! We have been incredibly blessed by all the people we were able to work with during VBS. They have been so kind and generous to our group and so grateful for all we have been involved with.

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