Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Open House

Sunday - Jordan and Courtney had baby Ruby today. The kids were so excited about their cousin!
This is an old picture but it was of Britton's basketball camp. Love this smile.
During the Olympics, Paityn was watching the girls gymnastics. She started flipping around the room, pointed to the screen and said "that's my goal"
Monday - After the dentist, we headed over to the hospital to see baby Ruby.
Britton was so excited because he had gotten to hold her and got her to stop crying.
So sweet.
We headed hom after and did some quiet time before the open house at Coopertown.
Can my little boy really be old enough for school? I've thought about this day, or really the first day of school for so long. I don't worry about him not being able to do it, I just know I'm going to miss my time with him.
He was so proud of his new shirt.
Over the next two weeks we will go from two days to everyday of school.  Life has flown by!
I'm so very proud of my little boy. Of his attitude, his love for life and his sister, the way he plays with others, his prayers, his smile, his compassion....I could go on an on. So tonight begins a new adventure. We went to meet his teacher, Mrs. Sharpton and she seems wonderful! A couple weeks ago I was talking to Sarah Fowler and she said, I hope Britton gets Mrs. Sharpton, you would love her! You can't request teachers but God provided!
After open house we headed to the Payne's for a back to school swimming party. Josh plays great with the kids and they sure love him!
It was so good to see Peyton, McLain, Alex and Trace. I know Brandon misses hanging out with them.
Haha Natalie and Allison! They took my phone and took this picture :)
Natalie was so sweet, she bought Paityn this dress
and Britton this sword. Paityn kept saying how she loved her new dress and would not take it off. She slept in it and wore it the next day as well. Britton even had to sleep with his sword!
Wednesday - After church we headed to our favorite spot, BerryDLite.
I really think we will have to get Britton a camera. He loves taking pictures!

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