Saturday, August 4, 2012

Goodbye to Traveling for Awhile

Monday - we have been gone almost half the month of July so as much as I've loved it, I'm ready to get home and get back on schedule. We left Atlanta after breakfast and headed home.

We stopped at ChickFilA to eat and Paityn managed to get Josh to climb up and slide down with her. She sure loves him! We spent the rest of the week catching up on everything. I enjoyed some time at work and then a day of swimming with the kids Thursday.

Friday - we decided to take Britton school shopping by himself. He got to choose where we ate and of course it was Chick-Fil-A and then we headed to Target, Old Navy and Dicks. We ended the night with some Sweet CeCe's. Can my little boy really be ready for kindergarten? We were blessed to find out he got an awesome teacher! Excited to find out what this year will hold. We are going to try and make this a special night with each of our kids before school every year.

Saturday - people came to look at our house today so this morning I took the kids to Panera for breakfast. Tonight we had the Canada team over for swimming.
Lincoln dressed up for the special occasion :) but did finally join us in the pool!

Trace and his awesome diving techniques,

And then of course Britton had to too!

We had a great time.

Our team will always have a special bond. We had an incredible experience together that will always be a part of our lives. We enjoyed some coffee, laughs and time to talk as it started to rain a little. Special memories.

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