Monday, August 13, 2012

Kindergarten Testing

 Today was kindergarten testing. We headed out this morning not really understanding what would all happen.We got to Coopertown and headed to his classroom. Mrs. Sharpton called him in the room and started the testing while I filled out a bunch of paperwork. When he was finished she called me into the room and went over all his testing. I know I'm bragging on my little boy but I'm so proud! He was a super star!  He came out of the room excited about kindergarten and looking forward to having Mrs. Sharpton as his teacher.
 We had planned on swimming but of course it rained. We stopped by Oma and Papa's and had lunch and hung out with Michael, Alannah and Bethany.
 Britton decided to "shake his booty" on the girls! We laughed until tears were streaming down our faces.
Tonight I went on a nice walk with the kids. I love these two!

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