Thursday, August 16, 2012

The First Day

 Since our boys were first born, they have been inseparable. This is the first year that they are not going to be going to school together. We did still manage to get a first day picture of them!
 School is way too early! He has to be there at 7:20 with the late bell at 7:35. That is earlier than he is used to getting up! So we have been up earlier all week. This morning he requested bacon and waffles.
 I fully expected a morning full of tears but I think I had time to really process everything before.
 He was so excited!
 McLain said he has the Batson grin down already.

 And yes, he's wearing Toms. He has wanted them and we promised we would get him some. We found these in Canada!
 I have always thought of his first day of school and now it is here!

 Mrs Sharpton has been wonderful so far and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better!
 And it begins....Lexi and Hailey were two girls in his preK class that are in his class this year! So although I expected a morning of tears, I walked out of there so proud of my little boy. Brandon on the other hand had some tears in his eyes. The man I married, who did not cry when we got married, when I almost died, when our kids were born, who has only cried a handful of times, shed a few tears this morning.
 I headed home to get my little girl ready for her school and then went and enjoyed some time at Target walking around. It's amazing what you find fun once you have kids!
 My eyes did fill up with tears when I pulled up and he ran out to my car. Seeing this smile made my day. I missed him and wanted to hear about every single moment. He said he had fun, met a new friend who is named Hunter, ate some great lunch, read a book about a gingerbread man and that was about it. Throughout the afternoon I did get a little more about the fact he had fallen on the playground and busted his knee, he got to lay down for a minute on his towel he brought and that he really liked his teacher. Love my little boy.
 These were cookies we had made for Britton! My little girly girl posing.
 We went over to my parents for some swimming with Michael, Alannah, Bethany and Leena. What a great way to end the day!

After baths, we headed to church for Coffee House and the Not a Fan study. Then it was time for an early bed! Blessed beyond measure.

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