Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time with Family

Friday - After the busy week, the kids passed out early and so Brandon headed to the church for the 5th quarter.
We had 27 youth come!
It was an awesome turnout and Brandon said everything went great.
Saturday - We got a call this morning that our house was going to show so after cleaning up, the kids and I headed to Rivergate to waste some time. Paityn fell asleep so Britton and I enjoyed a picnic in our trunk.
We came back home and went over to my parents for swimming. Reed was able to come with us and the boys had an amazing time!
Sunday - Crazy kids!
Monday - This morning we enjoyed some Panera breakfast with Alannah and Mrs Jacque. What a blessing these two are.
Then I headed to the zoo with the kids. It was a beautiful day!

My parents are out of town so we went to go and take care of the fish and this is what I walked into. How sweet! They were watching a movie together :)

 Wednesday - Britton started school with his entire class today and he did great! He got the best behavior and said he made some new friends.
Tonight in youth we had a lot of fun with lots of laughs!
Thursday - This morning Paityn and I were able to spend a little time together and then got ready for school. She wanted to wear her hair just like Miss Natalie.

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