Sunday, August 12, 2012

Youth Led Worship

Sunday - Paityn loves baby Ruby. I also have to brag on my little girl. Last Saturday I had gone with the kids and Paityn wanted a new towel and underwear. I told her she could have either the underwear or the towel but if she got the underwear she had to wear them. She picked the underwear. Last Sunday morning she said she wanted to wear her big girl underwear. She had one accident Sunday and Monday and has done great ever since! My little girl potty trained herself! So proud of her!

Tonight we had a youth led worship service. The youth practiced the Everything skit that afternoon and they did great!
What an incredibly powerful reminder of what we struggle with and how God continually loves us,
protects us

Dusts us off and lets us start again.

Cody and Lucas also led worship. I miss Lucas so very much, he is an incredible person with an amazing talent that he uses for Christ.

So blessed these two played together.
Diana also sang and what an amazing voice! I had chill bumps! Worship was amazing tonight.
 We went out to eat after and we had made a little  sauce for Brandon, a little salsa with a lot of habanero sauce. Hot!

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