Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthdays and Soccer

Saturday- for Brandon's birthday we had a surprise dinner planned! Britton and Paityn were so excited about it. The youth all came to our house and were hiding downstairs. When Brandon came out of the room he was surprised!

We headed to Fuji for some great food.

Paityn and Britton love the food but not the fire.

We went for Sweet CeCe after. So much fun!

Sunday - Britton had his first sleepover. The boys were so excited!

Paityn was so excited because reed was here.

Wednesday- always fun and eventful in youth.

Friday - tonight we had our first soccer practice.

Britton was beyond excited. We had dinner with the Lands first and then headed to the field.

This year there will be a goalie!

He got right out there and played,

He stopped nearly every goal!

And scored multiple times!

Saturday - we had the youth over to my parents for ultimate frisbee and a cookout. It's so much fun getting to know everyone!

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