Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We are lucky to have Brandon's parents who help us out so much with the kids. If I'm working, they are always willing to pick kids up and watch them if needed.

Isn't Captain America too cute!

He tried to rescue Peter Pan but she wouldn't have it!

This is Brandon's grandmother and she has really enjoyed being around our kids!

Paityn really wanted to be Peter Pan. She did not want to be anything else. She was a little disappointed when she realized she couldn't fly dressed as Peter Pan.

Finally we got a good smile though!

We headed to the church for trunk or treat and chili cookoff. It was so much fun to see these kids playing together!

Paityn was just excited to get candy and see baby Ruby!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Too Cold!

Despite the cold, wet morning, we still had soccer!

These kids played awesome.

The ran, fingers freezing, noses running and did not stop.

Isn't she a doll?

After soccer we headed to Larry's for some breakfast and then home to clean.

After naps, it was pumpkin painting time!

Creating memories is what it's all about.

Tonight we went to a birthday party for baby Tuck. It was a special time with just family and friends and we were honored to be invited.

Reed is incredibly special to our family, the whole Land family is! Blessed to have incredible friends.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby #3

So for about 8 weeks, we have kept a big secret! We wanted to wait and tell my dad face to face when he came to visit. We did end up telling our parents here since I had been feeling pretty sick.

Baby #3 is due May 13! I knew I was pregnant before I took the test. Brandon didn't want to get a pregnancy test for almost a whole week until I made him stop one night. Although the pregnancy wasn't a huge surprise, we were still a little nervous and excited all at the same time. Hearing the excitement our youth have had about it has been some of the greatest responses!

Paityn is convinced she is having a baby brother. Both kids are very excited and talk all the time about their baby. I don't worry about them loving the baby, I'm worried about them wanting to love on it too much! They both will be an amazing brother and sister.

So here is our little peanut. On the ultrasound you could see the little nose and lips. So incredibly sweet. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby! Thank you to all our family and friends who have supported us so much already!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Soccer and Fall Fest

We have had an incredibly busy weekend.

Today started out bright and early with soccer pictures and a game.

Paityn loves watching!

This year Britton is playing in a new league. He is one of the youngest and plays against kids up to 7. Most of his team has never played in this league before.

I am so incredibly proud of them though.

Each and every week they get out there and play their little hearts out.

We had the first goal of the season scored by his best friend Reed today!

Britton fought for the ball and never wanted to come out.

It's so much fun to see him playing.

I know our team is only going to get better and better.

After the game we headed to Coopertown for their fall festival and then over to our church for ours.

There were tons of kids, games and prizes.

Britton played until he could barely walk anymore.

We were beyond ready for bed!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

One of my incredible patients knew someone who had a field of pumpkins we could go to and pick!

So we followed them out there to get a few pumpkins.

Britton and Paityn were beyond excited and picked tons!

They loved Aiden and decided he could definitely be one of their new friends.

After pumpkin picking we headed to soccer practice in the dark and then home for a movie night! Love our little family!