Thursday, October 11, 2012

Road Trip

Since we weren't able to take a huge family vacation over fall break, Brandon and I decided to take the kids to Chattanooga for a night! The kids were beyond excited to go for a little trip. They got their bags packed and then we left as soon as Brandon was able to get off work!

We decided to stay at the Chattanooga Choo Choo which the kids thought was pretty cool. Honestly they probably would've been excited wherever we stayed!

We decided to eat at one of our favorite Florida restaurants, Bonefish Grill. I say Florida because that is the first place we ate at it. We make sure to go there each time. It was wonderful!

Josh Fann was playing soccer so we headed out to watch him for a little while.

Then we ended the day with some wonderful ice cream.

It was a perfect ending to a great day!

One thing I learned from Mexico is the importance of being in the moment at all times but especially when on vacation. We weren't distracted by our phones or Internet in Mexico and it was an incredible time filled with memories. I remember a family reunion in Canada where we didn't have service and how relaxing it was. I say this as a reminder to myself. Vacations are about getting away and spending time as a family. So this mini family vacation was about being in the moment with our little family and cherishing every moment.

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