Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sometimes There Are No Words.....

We were blessed to have four college kids come and help this weekend. I know I'm bragging on them but they really helped so incredibly much. They encouraged the youth, gave them strong examples and led them in so many different ways.

So to Shelby, Trace, Sam and Jordan. Thank you. There are no words to express what you all mean to us and how much you have touched our lives. My prayer is that our children will grow up with you all as a continued example in their lives.

Trace you continually warm the hearts of those around you and influence so many through your laughter and encouragement. You have and will always remain a special part of our lives. Brandon enjoys dinner with Trace at least twice a week and my kids continually talk about Trace and laugh at something he has done.

Jordan and Sam, you amazed me this weekend. Really all of us. There was a young youth that has a troubled home life. Mom has died, dad is in jail and he currently is living with his great grandparents. He was a little hyper this weekend but still very well mannered. We had just done a talk on prayer and prayer partners and you boys waited for this young youth so you could go and pray with him. Tears came to my eyes and were streaming down the faces of so many of our chaperones.

You see, you college kids, you didn't have to come, but you choose to be here. Not only did you choose to come but you strengthened, challenged, encouraged and embraced each and every youth. I firmly believe that lives were changed this weekend because of God but also because you listened to His call. Words can not describe what you all mean to Brandon and I, Britton and Paityn. You challenge us to be better and to do better. You encourage us through your faith. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

After prayer time and mentoring we headed out for some flag football.

The serious competition began.

I had stayed back with the kids but heard the chaperones were dragging kids on the ground (Brent)

And there were plenty of jumping and running involved,

Not really sure what was happening here ;)

It was a really close game!

And then the frisbee landed in a tree.

Can you find Jordan?

So glad Trace and Sam were there to catch him!

Successful day so far!

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