Friday, November 2, 2012

Unity Retreat

This afternoon we headed out for unity retreat in Gatlinburg. We were excited and nervous since we had never been to this particular conference. We left after lunch and headed towards Gatlinburg. When we arrived, my mom, Britton and Paityn, Joann and Tricia headed to the cabins to check in.

After we checked in we headed to check out the lodge which we had rented for meals. Our first mistake was missing the road to turn onto, then we ended up at a gate. Mom got out to see if we could push it when Tricia realized we needed the key card. The next thing we knew was the gate swinging towards the van! After finally making it through, we made it to the lodge. We couldn't get into where we were supposed to be and it was so far away from our cabins. At this point I was starting to get a little nervous! Many turns and twists and turn arounds later we arrived up the windy dangerous road at the girls cabin. It was gorgeous! The kitchen was plenty big to cook in so finally a plus! Joann, Tricia and I went to go check out the boys cabin which was within waking distance. It was perfect for some boys! I set all my stuff down to check out the porch when Joann closed the door locking all the keys inside! At this point all I could do was laugh. We walked back to the other cabin where we had luckily left open a side door and then headed back down the mountain to get another key. As we were driving back to the other cabin I saw a skunk right in front of us. I yelled skunk, skunk, skunk!!! Finally Joann stopped right before she hit it! They hadn't seen it. Then the skunk went right by the door of the boys cabin and turned to look at us. I swear as I ran into the cabin door I heard scratching like it was climbing up after us. Tricia and I got the keys and ran to my van where the skunk waiting for us again! I really think it was stalking up. We dove into the van, drove back the girls cabin and ran inside. What a beginning....

I stayed up to wait for everyone to get back from the conference, we divided out teams and rooms and then crashed. What a night!

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