Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Opryland Lights

After naps, we headed to Opryland with Oma, Papa and great Oma.

It was beautiful.

Britton had also gotten a camera from Santa and he took some great pictures.

Four generations, I hope I look as great as Oma at her age!

Britton took this picture of us.

It started raining so we weren't able to go outside and see the lights but we could see them from inside.

After walking for awhile we stopped for some ice cream.

So much fun.

It's been great spending time with Oma.

Wednesday - we spent a relaxing morning at home playing with toys and building puzzles. We headed to rivergate for awhile with Brandon and then worked on cleaning up all our mess!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

The kids were so excited about the presents.

Britton was glad to see Will there.


Wii game,

And doctor mommy. The kids got spoiled and had such a good time!

Christmas Morning

The kids woke so excited to see what Santa had brought. Cookie had even left them a message.

They had to make sure they each had the same amount.


We got ready while they tried out their new headphones. Love these two! Britton did comment under his breath that Santa didn't get him anything big. I asked what he didn't get that he asked for and he didn't say anything. So I guess next year Santa needs to bring a bigger gift ;)

We enjoyed a breakfast of waffles and hot fruit and then got ready to go to the Batsons.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We enjoyed a nice afternoon nap and then candlelight communion with our family at church. It was a special way to start the Christmas season.

We headed to my parents for French Canadian meat pie and then presents.

Paityn's facial expressions are priceless.

They were every excited with everything they got.

Oma was able to join us this year for Christmas and so we were able to get her a Pandora bracelet. It's special to be able to spend this time with her.

We came home and got ready for Santa to visit.

We had made cookies earlier in the day and Britton wrote the message to him.

We hung our special key on the door,

And then finished our night off with the Christmas story. It's really important to all of us that our kids realize why we really have Christmas. They get filled with Santa and presents but we want them to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

Santa got some small gifts this year since we are really trying to declutter and downsize. The kids always get so much!