Wednesday, February 27, 2013


28 weeks

So where do I begin. So many changes in a short period of time. On Monday I began my new job at Northcrest working in a brand new office building. Even though I knew I had made the right choice, it was still overwhelming to be starting fresh again. When I came into work Monday we had the basic essentials and then had stuff coming in all week. It was almost like Christmas every day.

We also sold our house. We really hoped it would sell but when it did, it sold quickly and Brandon being the nice person he is, let them move in before we actually closed. So of course, there were no rentals available that we felt comfortable going too. Luckily, my parents let us move in.

Despite all the changes, the kids have done amazing. So we moved out of our house, to my parents, started a brand new job and started my third trimester. It's never easy....

Britton has been in some trouble at school over the past few weeks, nothing horrible but a definite change from normal behavior. I know that it has to do with all the changes but what another thing to have to process and go through at the same time!

Wednesday - we had an amazing group of kids at youth tonight! Looking to my blessings....

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