Friday, February 1, 2013


It's hard to believe that an entire month has passed by. We have been busy to say the least. New Years was uneventful, Brandon and the kids fell asleep early and I stayed up awhile and watched a movie. Are we really so old we didn't make it till midnight?

The pregnancy is going well so far. I feel like I'm pregnant with my third child but overall feeling well! I believe I was 23 weeks in this picture. The kids are getting more excited about baby brother and love to rub my belly, touch him and talk to him.

Britton started back at school and continues to amaze me. He has such a special heart. This morning he had gotten her ready all by himself!

We had a beautiful cardinal in our garage and Brandon had fun trying to get it out!

Britton singing Jesus loves me to Paityn.

In other news, my boss is merging with an urgent care company. We found out about the second week of January. I planned on going with them until I received a phone call from the hospital wanting to meet with me about a potential job. My first thought was no but then I knew I owed it to myself to listen. I started to pray for clarity right away. I met with WellNow and although the people seemed great there was a lot of uncertainty and unanswered questions for me. I met with northcrest the following Monday and was presented a great job opportunity. The one question they were unable to answer, they got the answer and called me back. I did ask for a written offer so I waited until I had that to go any further. I love working with Dr. Browning and respect him so much as a doctor and as a person, that's what made this decision so incredibly hard.

I met with him on Friday and told him about the other job offer out of respect for him and told him that I would have a decision by Monday. I asked God for clarity and even though I thought He gave that to me, I also had so much doubt. It was a good lesson for me in obedience and listening to what God wants even if I don't understand why. On Monday I made the difficult decision to accept the job with Northcrest. Telling Dr. Browning was the most difficult part. I told them two weeks before the move would happen and so telling the staff was also so hard! I know that I made the right decision based upon the information I had.

The last week of January, Dr Browning was in Haiti, so I worked all week. Tons of emotions! Add that to the pregnancy, Brandon working all the time, crazy weather and pure exhaustion I need a break!

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