Sunday, March 31, 2013


I know I'm biased but we have some beautiful kids!

They were so excited about Easter - Paityn was singing a song about Jesus rising and Britton has learned some great memory verses I Corinthians 5:3-4.

When I asked them what happened this weekend they said Jesus died for our sins and then he rose again! So special hearing this from them.

These pictures capture their personalities. Love them!

We had an Easter egg hunt and lunch with the Batson's and enjoyed a quiet afternoon.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter at the Ferlands

This morning I ran errands with the kids and got our hair cut. It's hard to believe that in a month we will have another little one with us!

This afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt and dinner at my parents/our temporary home. It's interesting to see how our kids are so different in how they express theirselves. Britton has never said a word about the changes but has acted a little out of sorts - at school and then had some temper tantrums at night with tears which is not like him. Paityn has asked tons of questions about why we don't have a home, who is living in our home, why we are at Oma and Papas, how long we are staying....

The kids had a great little egg hunt and each got a movie to enjoy.

After a great dinner we played!

Britton then decided he wanted to be a photographer for awhile.

He really took some great pictures!

Even of Meghan and my bellies.

And of course the pregnant women from his view.

We ended the night with some laughs and popcorn watching Ice Age Continental Drift. What a great day.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthdays and Egg Hunts

I think I was 32 weeks in this picture. It's so hard to believe how quickly the time is flying by!

Britton had a birthday party at Dave and Busters for one of his school friends, Jack.

He had such a great time!

It's so fun to see him with his friends having a good time. It's hard sometimes to know how he is really doing with school and friends because he just doesn't talk about it. He has been doing well again at school and is so proud of his pinks and purples on his behavior chart. That's the best colors you can get.

Sunday - after church there was a small meal and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Paityn was pretty excited about it!

Of course it was raining so it had to be indoors.

Britton didn't care!

It's hard to believe how much time has passed and how little I've blogged. Work is going well, it's getting busier and I'm trying to make sure that I don't leave anything undone by the time I go out on maternity leave.

Britton and Paityn are growing and doing well. I asked Paityn the other day who was my baby and she said Beckett. I asked what that made her and she said my big girl. Is she really that big already? Ever since her birthday she tells me she can do things because she is 3.

Britton has been going to Awana with Reed and loves it. He has already memorized John 3:16, Psalm 147:5, I Corinthians 15:3 and I Corinthians 15:4. So proud of him!

The pregnancy is going well, I'm just not sleeping good at all. As of right now the csection is scheduled for May 7. I'm hoping he will come 1 week earlier so I'm not in the hospital for Britton's birthday!

We are still living with my parents and it is going well. Brandon has still not taken me to see the rental and he really just wants to stay so we will see. I'm ready to have my own house again! As much as I love my parents I miss my own stuff and house.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paityn's Third Birthday

Three years ago today our precious baby girl was born. This is by far one of my favorite all time pictures. It really just captured the day.

We began her day with so much excitement. Britton raced to get the present he had wrapped for her and wanted her to open it right away.

She was so excited!

While I got things ready for the party with my mom, the kids made a great tent.

Of course they had to try out all the fun coloring things and the beads.

We got everything ready and set up.

Paityn had wanted a Dora party for months and talked about it all the time.

She had a few requests, like popcorn.

Where has the time gone?

All her favorite people came to the party.

She did not want to take a picture with me!

It was all worth it to see the excitement in her eyes.

She was beyond excited to open her presents. She had told Emama and edaddy she wanted princess party with pretty bows.

Her facial expressions capture it all.

She got spoiled rotten.

Britton and Reed were great helpers and brought all her presents to her.

When it came time for everyone to sing, she got very quiet and shy.

She cuddled up on my lap

But still managed to blow out the candle.

I love my three year old princess!

All day she told everyone that she was three and big now. She went and stood by Britton and then asked why if she was three why she wasn't as big as he is.

Britton played great with all his friends.

As the day went by she kept telling me things she could do now because she was three. She has always been extremely independent, from the time she was a baby and didn't want to eat any food unless she could feed herself. O blessed by who she is and what she means in my life.

After almost everyone had left Bronson decided he wanted to look pretty. Jordan would kill for this picture!