Sunday, March 3, 2013

Diaper Raffle

This morning, Courtney came over to set up for the shower. Paityn was so excited to help her with the crackers!

Britton took the time to color me a picture.

Courtney is so creative and really does a great job of organizing these things!

Our baby Beckett.

This was a wishing tree for well wishes. Britton made one for Beckett that said I love you - Britton. So sweet!

I love these two so much and am so incredibly proud of them. I don't think I could brag on them enough. They have their moments, their tempers, and their attitudes but overall they are well behaved, loving and kind.

They are so excited about Beckett and come and rub my belly, talk to him and want to hold him already. Paityn always gets mad when I won't let her lift my shirt up in public to see her baby brother. Britton will talk to him and within 5 minutes he is moving and kicking.

The thing I'm worried about most about having another baby is just dividing my time with the baby and these two. I remember how hard it was having Paityn and feeling like I wasn't spending enough time with Britton. I know it'll all work out and am so blessed that God has chosen me to be their mom.

After church we came back for the shower.

Everything looked great!

We got lots of diapers for Beckett, some clothes and wipes. Britton went to Awana with Reed and we played for awhile.

Paityn loves Ruby!

Thankful for my mom, Meghan, and Courtney for the diaper raffle/shower.


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