Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter at the Ferlands

This morning I ran errands with the kids and got our hair cut. It's hard to believe that in a month we will have another little one with us!

This afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt and dinner at my parents/our temporary home. It's interesting to see how our kids are so different in how they express theirselves. Britton has never said a word about the changes but has acted a little out of sorts - at school and then had some temper tantrums at night with tears which is not like him. Paityn has asked tons of questions about why we don't have a home, who is living in our home, why we are at Oma and Papas, how long we are staying....

The kids had a great little egg hunt and each got a movie to enjoy.

After a great dinner we played!

Britton then decided he wanted to be a photographer for awhile.

He really took some great pictures!

Even of Meghan and my bellies.

And of course the pregnant women from his view.

We ended the night with some laughs and popcorn watching Ice Age Continental Drift. What a great day.

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