Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Field Trip Fun

Progress on our house!

Wednesday - Britton had a field trip to the Adventure Science Museum today. After my doctors appointment, Paityn and I headed to the trip.

The kids had so much fun.

Britton said this was the by part, when he was able to lift a car.

Paityn thought it was great!

It was so fun to watch Britton play with all his friends.

We were exhausted when we left but had to stop for some Sweet CeCe's!

 On Sunday I went to a bridal shower for one of our youth. Melody was able to feel Beckett moving and was so amazed by it all! This picture captures so many things!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Soccer Star

Our house is starting to be framed and really coming along!

This is a picture Britton made of our family.

Saturday - he loves soccer so much.

He was beyond excited to be playing again today and did not want to come out of the game at all.

He played so hard, fighting for the ball and listening to his coach.

It's been so much fun watching him develop this love of the game.

And Saturday was the perfect day to be outside.

Britton almost scored once!

What a great morning. After the game I headed to Hendersonville with my mom and Courtney, Paityn went with Papa and Britton went with Brandon. We enjoyed a nice morning. Tonight we went to Reed, Nash, Will and Tuck's birthday party at the zoo. It was an exhausting but great day!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Date Night

Britton and I enjoyed a date night while Brandon took Paityn out. We started at the movies, went to Target, Panera, and ended it with Sweet CeCes. The bet part was just being with him. Spending time with him, talking and laughing with him. It's hard to believe how much he has grown up and has been so much fun watching him gain confidence, be an amazing big brother and develop into the boy he is today. Each day he makes me so incredibly proud to be his mom.

35 weeks and Soccer

35 weeks - it's hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by. Overall I feel really good, tied but good.

Paityn came to work the other day and drew this for me. I thought it was very good for a 3 year old!

Friday - we headed over to Meghan's to see baby Haley. Paityn was so excited to hold her.

Saturday - it was another beautiful day for soccer.

Britton was so excited to be playing again.

He fought for the ball and almost scored once!

Paityn spent the game like this.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fire From the Eyes of Britton

I was sitting inside with my mom when Robert came and yelled "JoAnn come quick it's an emergency." Not knowing what was going on, I got the kids shoes on and headed outside. This is what we saw, along with my mom yelling to call 911.

Apparently Robert had started a fire to burn some trash and it got out of control.

Britton and Paityn were awesome the entire time.

All these pictures were actually taken by Britton.

It's neat to see things through his eyes.

Finally they got the fire out out.

And they let Britton sit in the fire truck.

As Britton said "the jeep blew up!" Luckily there was no other great damage done. A few small things here and there but it could have been so much worse! I headed out to Hendersonville with the kids after and enjoyed some dinner since Brandon had been gone all day with the youth to Sky High. What an adventurous day!

Soccer Game and Sleepover

Baby Haley was born on Tuesday, April 2 in the middle of the night so after school on Wednesday we headed to Nashville to see her. The kids were so excited to hold her and be with her!

On Thursday night, Bre came to spend the night and of course tall towers had to be made.

Friday we woke up and I took my van to get the air conditioning fixed. Bre, Paityn and Brandon met me and we headed to Target and Verizon. The van still wasn't done so Chick Fil A it was to have some good food and ice cream. We picked up the van, stopped by Babies R Us for Meghan, PetSmart and then got some cold coffee. It was a busy morning! After quiet time, we played outside and then ended the night with a movie, popcorn and sleepover. Britton and Paityn were beyond excited to be with Bre.

This morning was Britton's first soccer game.

It was beautiful weather!

Perfect time to be outside.

Go number 14!

And finally, we have gotten all the permits in and our house has been started. The one permit we needed, the guy decided he was too busy and we had to wait over 3 weeks to get it! So excited to build our house!