Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fire From the Eyes of Britton

I was sitting inside with my mom when Robert came and yelled "JoAnn come quick it's an emergency." Not knowing what was going on, I got the kids shoes on and headed outside. This is what we saw, along with my mom yelling to call 911.

Apparently Robert had started a fire to burn some trash and it got out of control.

Britton and Paityn were awesome the entire time.

All these pictures were actually taken by Britton.

It's neat to see things through his eyes.

Finally they got the fire out out.

And they let Britton sit in the fire truck.

As Britton said "the jeep blew up!" Luckily there was no other great damage done. A few small things here and there but it could have been so much worse! I headed out to Hendersonville with the kids after and enjoyed some dinner since Brandon had been gone all day with the youth to Sky High. What an adventurous day!

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