Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A First Smile?

 Monday - So when Brandon bought the car, I asked him to make sure that three car seats fit in the back seat. Of course he said they did and he just loved the car because it was so practical and wonderful. Fast forward a few months and he hates the car already! I knew this was going to happen! I even have a contract on this car so that he can't trade it right away. This is how squished he is with two car seats in the car.
 And I'm not quite sure where Britton is supposed to sit!
 Britton had Muffins with Mom today at school, it was great to be able to go and just hang out with him for a little while.

 He made some of the sweetest stuff for me! He also went with Papa to get me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet. Love him!

 When I came back home I had a little while just with Beckett. He was wide awake, looked at me and gave me this smile. Now I know he's only a week and half old and isn't "supposed" to be smiling yet, but this sure looks like one to me!

 This was him right after the smile.
 Paityn got this nursing cover from Courtney to be like mom and she loves it!

 Tuesday - The kids really do love him a lot. They've been great with him so far.

Night night!

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