Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beautiful Days

The weather has been gorgeous. I've enjoyed some quiet snuggle times with Beckett, some naps and recovering from the C-section while the kids are at school. Brandon's mom has helped us tremendously with picking the kids up and watching Paityn some during the day. She drops them off after school and we've had movie afternoons and then been able to play outside. My parents also have helped so much with laundry, food, watching Beckett while I give the older two baths. Could not do it without them.

Tuesday- Meghan and Haley came to visit for a little bit. I think this will really be the only time they are around the same size! It was nice to have some company for a little bit!
The kids came home and were ready to hold him right away. We watched part of a movie and then headed outside. Britton sucks two fingers, Paityn a knuckle and I think we might have a thumb sucker with Beckett!
I sat up a little spot to watch the kids in the shade and they took off.

My little snuggle bug, he just loves laying on my chest!
Mom and Robert came home and mom had to backwash the pool, the kids got soaked and muddy and loved every moment!
Yes, this is one of those pictures that will come out at graduation!
Wednesday - Paityn is a little mama. You have to watch her because she thinks she is bigger than she is...

It was another beautiful afternoon so after some laughs with Continental Drift, Ice Age, we headed outside.

After eating dinner outside, Paityn decided to sneak up on Papa.

I think this time she actually really did sneak up on him!
6 days old already...we had his first doctor's visit today. They did not hear the murmer at all, said he looked great and he weighed 8lbs 14 oz. which was up from the 8lbs. 9 oz when we left the hospital!

One of the best things I did was try and take pictures of Paityn every day for a year. It was so much fun to see how much she changed on a daily basis and to be able to go back and look at this. Being at home I find myself thinking back over so much and I'm able to look and see where we were and what we were doing at the time.

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