Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Brother and Big Sister

I want to take a moment and just compliment Britton and Paityn for how well they've done with Beckett. Now, I don't want to be decieved thinking it will always be like this, but I really could not have asked it to go any better so far.
They love him! They were ready for us to come home from the hospital, asked me all the time when that would happen and  had to make sure we would both come.
They are constantly loving on him and want to hold him. Britton wants to pick out his clothes and asked specifically today that as soon as he got home from school could he hold him first.
Now, they have been a little whiny at times, apparently Paityn tested my mom to see what she could get away with but overall they've been great.
Paityn loves to just sit and hold him and says the cutest things
- we were going to watch Peter Pan today after school so she leaned into him and said "don't worry, I'll protect you from Captain Hook, he can't get you"
- she sings every song she knows to him. Most often Jesus loves me
- she tells him how proud she was of him when he got his shot and how brave he was (it must be when they saw him get his Hep B shot in the hospital)

I know there are a ton more things and I'll have to make sure to write them down
- they both constantly tell him they love him
- they hate when he cries
- Britton will rub his head and Paityn will sing to try and make him stop

Britton also has been reading the Bible story every night. It's amazing to watch my "little" boy read all by himself.

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