Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 2

Overall we had a great night, he slept pretty good and all things considered I slept well!
I love baby feet and hands. I could sit all day and just stare at him. Brandon left around 5:45 to get the kids to school and work so I had most of the day by myself.
Although it was hard getting up and around, it was nice and peaceful too.
 We slept and snuggled.
 And relaxed. He has been a great eater so far, eating every 3 hours and staying nice and content otherwise.

The kids came with Brandon around 5, they were beyond excited. Apparently Paityn had to wear her big sister shirt again today.
Beckett was hungry when she held him and tried to nurse off of her. She laughed and thought it was the best thing.

Beckett brought Britton an Angry Bird Starwars game and Paityn some Dora cups. What a great little brother. Britton had picked out a blanket for Beckett and Paityn the squeaky giraffe to give to him.

It's so much fun to see how much they love him already.

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