Sunday, May 5, 2013

Going Home

It's hard to believe that it's actually time to go home. He slept great again and I was ready to be discharged. I say that and I guess it's bittersweet. It's been nice having some time alone to think and be with my baby but I'm ready to be home with my other two.
I also know how much I'm going to miss the hospital bed when it comes to getting up and moving after the C-section. Brandon left to get the van and the kids and I started packing everything up.
The kids were beyond excited and ready to leave as soon as they walked in the door.
We got Beckett dressed in his go home clothes and then finished getting everything together.
I had been discharged by the Ob and then also by the pediatrician, we just had to get everything else completed.
Beckett has a heart murmer that they don't believe is anything but it's something that we will have to make sure gets followed on by his regular pediatrician.
Paityn apparently dressed herself this morning and was so excited to show the nurses her outfit.
Beckett brought Britton a lego and Paityn some Dora shoes.

Finally it was time to go.

I remember this moment with Britton and Paityn. Carrying them out, getting in the car and driving away.

Our little boy.
Our first family picture.
We stopped by Wendy's to grab the kids lunch and then Brandon got some Qdoba and then we headed home.

 Paityn told me "this is exactly what I needed" when she was holding him. She is so right - he is such a blessing.

Beckett was definately trying to get my milk to come in, and had been nursing every 1 1/2-2 hours. This was him at 2 am in the morning!

As I think back over having Beckett, I want to remember so much. It really was a great experience from the beginning to the end. The lady who registered us was so friendly and then our first nurse Bonnie was incredible. She couldn't get my IV started so she called in for the CRNA to come in. The anesthesiology team was great - when I look back over my other deliveries there was so much that I would have wanted to change. With Britton of course it was an emergency and I really have such vague memories for the first 3 days due to the medication they had to give me. With Paityn everythng was great until they put my epidural in and then I fought to stay conscious the entire time while throwing up. I explained all this to the team and from the time they put my spinal in, they made sure I didn't have any of the same issues. I had some mild nausea that resolved as soon as I told them.

I remember everything about this delivery, to seeing Beckett placed on the scale and dried off. I was able to carry him to the recovery room where for the next 2 hours I held my baby boy. He only left me once for his medication which Brandon went with him to. I fed him as we left recovery to go to our room and in the postpartum area we were blessed with some more amazing nurses. Ashley was my day nurse, she bathed him in the room, took care of me and showed love to Britton and Paityn from the first moment. I was lucky to have her everyday and blessed with our talks and the care she gave. She loved our son and would sit and hold him at the nurses station rather than taking him to the nursery when I was by myself and needed to shower. Alicia was our night time nurse every night and she was kind, compassionate and thorough. She was also such a blessing through the entire experience.

As I look back on this delivery I will have nothing but fond memories. We didn't have many guests since we were in Nashville but we were really able to use this time for our family.

So we're "home", building our home, living with my parents who have done so much to make sure I don't overdo myself. Blessed does not even really begin to describe what I feel.

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