Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

 Saturday - The kids sure love their little brother. They love him so much that pretty soon I'm sure one of them will get punched in the face! Britton did get Beckett to smile at him, so much fun to watch.

We headed out this morning to pick up report card and then to a soccer game that apparently had gotten cancelled. We wanted to get out anyways so it worked out! Britton had gotten a new teacher a couple months ago, Ms. LaRae - he loved her! We were really blessed with a great first year despite all the changes that happened.

This is the last time that Britton will walk out of Coopertown as a kindergartener. Now I have a first grader!

Sunday - After church on Sunday we headed out to eat with the Batsons for Andy's birthday. Beckett slept all the way through lunch so by the time I got him fed and home, he was wide awake.
We had a little cookout this afternoon even though the pool was still freezing!
The kids loved it though.

Britton loves swimming but it was so much fun to see Paityn have such a good time as well.
They swam until their lips were blue!

Monday - Of course the kids woke up wanting to swim. I made them wait a little while to get in so they spent some time "cleaning" the pool.

After swimming and quiet time, we headed to Rivergate for dinner with Brandon.

What a great weekend!

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