Saturday, May 18, 2013


 Friday - Love my sleeping beauties!
 Awhile ago, Britton and Paityn were asked to be the ring bearer and flower girl for Bethany and Michael's wedding. They were so excited!
 I'm so glad they were able to be a part of the special day.
 Love these two so much!

 Britton did great, Paityn was a little shy during rehearsal but I was proud of both of them.
 The dinner was at the Catfish House, it was so nice to see everyone!
 Saturday - I think we have some of the most beautiful children.

 Brandon was literally speechless when he saw Paityn.

 Britton was great and talked Paityn through everything.

 The wedding was a beautiful event, completely focused on Christ.

 Paityn did make it down the aisle and Britton stood up there the entire time!

 Lucas led the music and did a phenomenal job.

 The reception was at the Center. It was neat to be a part of this wedding. Brandon and my anniversary is in a week and we were married at SBC and then our reception was at the Center.

 Of course Brandon loved the dancing.

 Love my wedding date! So blessed we were able to be a part of this special day.

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