Saturday, June 1, 2013

Britton's 6th Birthday Party

We started this morning off with haircuts and getting ready for the birthday party!
 Aren't they adorable!
 The weather was not looking great.

 I love how these cookies turned out.
 Even though there was a pretty high chance of rain, the party continued!
 We did set up everything inside just in case.

 The rain started but stopped once everyone came.
 Britton was so excited!

 Despite the weather, I think the party turned out perfect.
 All the kids seemed to have a great time.
 Bronson enjoyed catching snails.

 Here is Hailey, Beckett and Micah. Beckett is one month older than these two but I think almost the same size!

Beckett was worn out after everyone was here and actually cried for a little while tonight which just wasn't like him. I think it probably was from all the interaction and different people holding him. Finally after about an hour he calmed down.
What a great birthday party! Even though it didn't all work out like "I had planned" Britton still said he loved his party and had a great time.

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