Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun in the Sun

 Monday - Paityn has gotten so big and loves to get dressed. Usually each day she ends up wearing three to four different outfits.

The kids started swimming lessons today with Lisa Cobb.

I was very impressed with how well they listened and what they did.
Britton loves swimming!

Paityn was a little more timid but also did a good job!

Britton swimming under the water!

Beckett decided that being up with mama at 3 was a great idea!

Tuesday- The house is really starting to come along! Can't wait to be in my own house again.
We went this morning to the fountains at Indian Lake.
It was a beautiful day!

After playing we headed to Brixx pizza for lunch.

Look mama! I'm getting so big!

Wednesday -The kids have continued swimming and are getting more and more confident.

Melody came and we talked for awhile.
Tonight we went to church and the kids road in the Jeep with Mitchell up the parking lot. They were so excited!

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