Sunday, June 23, 2013

Arrington Vineyard and VBS Family Night

After church we headed to Arrington Vineyards, south of Nashville. They were having a UTM get together so I had called one of my best friends from college and asked if they wanted to meet!
It was beautiful out there!
Definitely a place I would go back to.
It was a little warm but we found some nice shade.
It was so good to sit, relax, sweat and catch up with Eric and Candace.

Evan and Paityn were so sweet together!
We headed back after for the church VBS Family Night.

Britton loved playing baseball!

Justin and Bailey got Brandon with water balloons.
And the kids sang great.

Paityn had fallen on concrete earlier at the Vineyards and was more concerned about her boo boo than singing until her favorite song was played.

I loved seeing Britton sing his little heart out and enjoy himself!

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