Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2 Months

My baby was all smiles in the middle of the night until I got the camera out! I didn't mind after my first day of work being woken by this!

I had to head back to work today but knew I would get lots of snuggles when I got home.

It's hard to believe he is 2 months old!
After work I picked up the kids and went for hair cuts. Jennifer spoiled Paityn and fixed her hair.
It was exactly what my princess needed.
We enjoyed some dinner and then headed outside.

Please slow down time.

Beckett is the most content, happy little guy. He smiles and laughs and just melts my heart.
He has four cries which tells me exactly what he needs - wanting attention, hungry, hurting and just mad.

He is loved so much by his big brother and sister.
How can you not love this little guy!
Blessed is all I can say...
I am unbelievably blessed.

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