Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Air Conditioning

Tuesday - At night once the big kids are in bed, I spend a little time with this guy.

The peaceful, quiet nights are the best.
Wednesday - So on Monday, my air conditioning went out on the van again. This is the third time in the past two months. The first time was right before Beckett came and they reset it. Then it went out the week Beckett was born and we took it in the day before. They said there was a small hole that needed to be fixed and they had to order parts. Now it's out again, there is a heat wave, and I know Beckett gets no air even if the windows are open since he is turned around. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy.
So on my only free day of the week, we headed to get it fixed. Paityn and I went early and dropped it off so I did get to spend a little time with her.
They fixed it - it was electrical this time and we headed home in a cool van!

I enjoyed an afternoon of naps and snuggling with my baby boy.

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