Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Ready

Friday - we have been super busy getting ready for Canada, finishing the house, getting ready for school and working. This morning we went back to school shopping since we knew we wouldn't have any other time another day. Paityn dressed herself for our shopping trip. We didn't have much to buy but wanted to make sure the kids had a new outfit for school.

This afternoon Beckett took his 3 month pictures. Where has the time gone?

Saturday - the kids love our hairdresser and always do really well for her.

After haircuts we stopped by Rebekah Matthews house for an Acteens get together. Only Amy Holt and Rebekah were there but it was good to see them both!

Then this afternoon we had Ruby's first birthday party.

Courtney did an awesome job!

Sunday - knowing how much I have to accomplish this week is a little overwhelming. Seeing these kids smile and play will get me through it! They are beyond excited about Canada!

Monday - Beckett falling asleep on me at night, just like Britton and Paityn did, is an image I never want to forget.

Tuesday - the kids went to the Fanns today while I worked and had such a good time! They built forts, ran around and played. We are so blessed to have amazing godly people who are willing to help with our children.

Wednesday - early morning snuggles are the best. I finished off things at work and then headed home to finish packing. Britton made a countdown about 40 days ago and finally only one more day!

The kids all went to sleep pretty well and I finished packing. I love the quietness of the nights....

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