Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day of School

 One year ago we were getting ready for kindergarten. Where has the time gone.
Despite a busy weekend and recovery from the trip, Britton got up happy and ready to go.

He was pretty excited about his new shoes!

I love my firstborn. He has brought so much love and laughter to our lives.

Britton is a lot like me and I can tell when he is nervous. This picture shows it!

He had his backpack and lunch box all ready.
Walking in....his class had already been in school 3 days while we were in kindergarten. I walked him down to meet his teacher, Mrs. Jill Holman for the first time.
Ready to begin.
My little chunky monkey.
Paityn was also starting school at the preschool today. She is so beautiful!
I know she is going to miss this little guy and he is going to miss her.
Paityn had to take some pictures as well.

Today is a rough day. First day of grade one, first day of preschool and I'm going back to work after having a week and a half with my babies. I'm going to miss them!

We got to school and Paityn settled in right away.
I could tell she was a little nervous but gave her to Miss Candy and she was fine.
We all managed to make it home and have good days!
Britton decided to do his homework with Papa tonight after dinner. Proud of my son and all his hard work on his first day of first grade.
Night night!

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