Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love Them

Sunday - Despite cutting a tooth yesterday and all the stress of moving things, Beckett was still all full of smiles!

Monday - I could spend hours just watching my babies sleep. Today my mother in law called while I was at work and said Beckett was crying and not calming down. I asked her to give him some Tylenol and he finally fell asleep. When I went to pick him up, I felt in his mouth and surprise - he had tooth number two!

Tuesday - Britton and Paityn both love to come and give Beckett lots of love before school.

He loves all the attention!

Love my boys.

Today was Paityn's first dance class. She loved it! I'm so excited to watch her grow and develop this love for dance. The discipline they teach is wonderful!

Beckett is moving more and more - you have to watch him at all times!

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