Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Routine

Tuesday - Britton came home and Beckett was so excited to see his big brother! While Britton worked on some letter and name cards, Beckett watched his every move.
Wednesday - I was so excited to have a day off to get caught up on wash and snuggle time with my babies.

Love these big beautiful blue eyes. I was able to pick up Britton today from school for the first time. I remember picking him up last year and tears came to my eyes as I saw him running to my car. Slow down life!
Thursday - Luckily Beckett enjoys his bath. Look at those rolls!
Britton snuggled with Beckett for a few moments before he headed to bed. Love my boys. Slowly we are getting into some sort of routine. It's going to take awhile but I know we can make it!

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