Friday, August 2, 2013

Frank Slide

This afternoon we headed out to see the Frank Slide.

I remember going by here as a little girl and being fascinated with all the rock. 
They have a really neat interpretive center with some fun thins for kids to do and tons of information. 
The rock slide happened in 90 seconds and buried half the town. 
There are tons of rumors about who lived and didn't live and the center talked about a lot of them and other stories that happened that day. 
It was still raining on and off but we ventured outside for a short walk. 
The side of the mountain just slid off. When you drive on the highway you drive almost through a rock tunnel - they've pushed the rock to either side of the road. 
There are rocks as big as houses. 

We headed back to camp with a stop at Tim Hortons - a must stop anytime we pass by! 

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