Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Farm

This morning we headed out to Taber to the farm. I have so many memories of this farm. Summers spent here laughing, playing and loving life. I remember running through the corn fields, hauling sugar beets, playing in hay forts and tubing down the canal. Late night talks with auntie Leslie, babysitting cousins, weeks spent with Opa and Oma at the farm. Getting up early and eating cream of wheat with Opa, jumping on the trampoline, watching the cows and driving tractors. So much of my childhood is filled with these memories. Good memories. 

Uncle Rob gave us a tour of the farm. 

We stopped to dig up some potatoes for lunch. 

The kids thought that was great! 

Uncle Rob showed them all the different kinds they had planted. 

Such a cool experience! 

Next we saw the tractors. 

We came back and slowly everyone else arrived. 

Opa and two of his great grand kids! 

We enjoyed lunch with everyone and sat and talked for a little while. Uncle Rob was leaving the next day on a mission trip so we didn't stay too long as he had a ton to do! 

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