Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Hike

After worship we decided to head out for a family friendly hike. 
The drive was beautiful!

I think around 25 of us went this am. Packed in all the cars!
There was a point where only two vehicles could go further since they had 4 wheel drive. 18 in one truck!

The hike was supposed to be about 3 miles total I believe. It started out nice and easy.
The weather was gorgeous. Warm in the sun and cool in the shade.
Oh the memories we've made. I think this will be a good graduation picture for Bronson!
The hike started off nice and at one point we had to climb a nice little rock face with a cliff underneath us. It was at this point that Beckett got hungry so I fed him in the woods, on a cliff. Karen stopped and waited with me while everyone else went ahead.
Finally we made it to this beautiful lake!

Paityn loved it!

I had to keep this picture for Meghan's facial expression!

Some of the people hiked a little further around the lake while we relaxed.

Britton turned out to love hiking! We have a little Jack Oudman! 

So here's to another amazing Oudman adventure. Oh the stories we will be able to tell! But what is an Oudman reunion without some sort of family fun!
Britton led the way back down the mountain.

Here's the cliff I breastfed off.

What a great family experience!

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