Sunday, October 20, 2013

Driving Home

Could our mini family vacation really be over?
I actually slept with the door open so I could hear the ocean through the night.
This seriously is my happy place.

I remember Britton in this outfit. Brings back such good memories.

Britton had actually fallen when we arrived at the beach over Paityn's suitcase and jammed his pinkie finger on his right hand. It didn't bother him throughout the weekend but I did catch him a couple time rubbing it.

Britton came make Beckett laugh anytime! He worked really hard all morning while we were getting ready and has learned to tie his shoes by himself! We bought him some new shoes but told him he could wear them only if he tied them himself!

Now I feel better mama!

 I love this man and our life together.
We packed up the van and headed on the road. We stopped for a nice little picnic lunch at a park near Montgomery and then also stopped for a coffee near Huntsville. Brandon wanted to go to a TJ Maxx so we headed there. We had told the kids no toys and what did Brandon do but tell them he would go back inside and buy them something. When he came back to the van we headed back on the road. About 10 minutes down the road, I asked Brandon what he did with Ada, Paityn's doll. He said I had her and I explained that no, he had her when he went to buy the toys. I told him we should turn around and he said it would be fine. I explained he would need to buy her another one that night as she takes Ada everywhere. This was the facial expression I got when he realized we were too far to go back and how much it was going to cost him!
We stopped for dinner in Franklin and Brandon went to go get another Ada. Beckett traveled great except the last hour - he always cries at night in his car seat though so that was expected.
And Paityn fell in love with her new Ada, with hair.

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