Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Headed to the Beach

The kids were so excited to head to the beach. They had been counting down the days and asking over and over when we were going to go.

Paityn wanted to make sure that Ada could go with us and travel just like Beckett was going to.

We ended up sleeping in since we had been out so late the night before.
We had had pretty much everything packed and just had to load it all in the van.
Five people and all our stuff turned out to be a packed van!

We timed leaving perfectly and were able to travel quite a ways before we were all hungry and needed a bathroom break. And of course, what's a road trip without a stop at Cracker Barrel!
We sure are incredibly blessed to be able to call these our children. So glad that God choose me to be their mom.

We had a great day of travel and ending up stopping at a hotel we have stayed at before south of Montgomery. Beckett was beyond excited to be out of his seat!

After dinner and some walking, the kids decided the beds were the perfect trampolines!

Beckett loves to watch his big brother and sister all the time. Can't wait to spend this time as a family.
We got all ready for bed when Paityn fell off the bed and hit her cheek on the corner of the nightstand. Needless to say, she is going to have a bruise on that cheek. It hurt!

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