Saturday, November 9, 2013

Busy Day

I knew this day was going to be crazy. Soccer games, haircuts, I was responsible for snacks, birthday party and the Martin Thanksgiving get together.

It was a little cool this morning but a good day for soccer.

We've had some issues with Paityn's coach and so she didn't show up again.

Luckily the other team's coach "coached" both teams again this week.

Paityn loved playing today. She actually kicked the ball and threw it in!

After hair cuts and lunch we headed to the park for Bronson's birthday party.

It was the perfect day.

We bought Bronson this trike and he had to push it out of the way so no one else would get it. After the party we headed to the Martin Thanksgiving dinner and then off to get a mattress for a bunk bed. I had found some used ones that we bought for Britton this week. He was very excited about his new bed and we just needed a mattress for him to sleep on it!

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