Friday, November 8, 2013

Crazy Nights

Thursday - Most nights I'm by myself to get the kids to bed. Some nights it all goes pretty smoothly.

Other nights it's mass chaos! Tears, crying and lots of "please listen!"

One of the hardest parts is just making sure Britton gets all his homework done in addition to all the other stuff - dinner, cleaning up, baths and bed. He has done so well at school and is reading like a little pro!

Thankfully most nights, the kids listen well, play well and help me out.

Friday - Good morning mama! Today this little guy started saying baba. I think he's going to be a little talker. He "sings" when he is tired and ready for bed - I think he remembers me singing to him and it must calm him down somewhat. He just hums along with me until he falls asleep.

This afternoon Paityn and I went to Sweet CeCe's on a little girls date. She was not happy about getting her picture taken but she sure did love the ice cream! Looking forward to many more mama daughter dates.

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