Thursday, November 28, 2013


We began our Thanksgiving morning serving to those who need a meal.
We went to help with the Thanksgiving outreach.
Each year there are a lot of the same people serving.
It's fun to serve with them and also for our kids to serve!

Mitchell is always willing to put a smile on our faces!

Paityn was excited that her friend was there!

Of course Brandon and the youth had to sing their way through preparing the meals.

 We came home and before heading over to the Batson's house, we decorated.

 Beckett loves his sister but I keep telling her one day he's going to get her back!

 Where did my helpers go??
 Brandon is not a big fan of helping so it's fun to see the kids enthusiasm.  I love decorating!

 Silly boy!
 I remember decorating with Britton when he was Beckett's age and now he's so tall.

We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving meal with the Batsons tonight. Love this time of the year!

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