Friday, February 7, 2014

Fighting for Frozen

Wednesday - There is a wonderful little play place at Opry Mills. Since I'm on the hunt for Frozen merchandise, we have started visiting here on Wednesdays. Everything Frozen is sold out and of course that's the party Paityn wants.

The kids love this place.

I did manage to score an umbrella today - she was so excited! I also got an Elsa crown that she will get for her birthday. I had picked one up and turned around. When I turned back around to get it an elderly lady grabbed it. Despite Paityn asking for it - she would not give it back up. Luckily as I was checking out they had one they were putting back out. Seriously this Frozen stuff is impossible to get!

The umbrella did not leave her side.

Thursday - Tonight I had the pleasure of watching the kids "dance" Booties up they said!

Courtney made these letters for me for Beckett's room. Love them!

Friday - Love my little man!

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