Sunday, March 2, 2014

10 Months Old

Wednesday - Paityn still likes to feed her babies just like her mama. She has to pull up her shirt and make sure Ada is eating correctly.
Beckett is really starting to try and walk. Britton and Paityn didn't walk until 14 months so he looks so small to me!
Thursday -
Friday - Beckett has to drink coffee just like mama.

This was the little fort that Paityn made today.
Saturday - We enjoyed some pancakes and baking this morning while Britton made some lego.
It has cooled off a lot but the kids still had to go swing. Paityn has to be able to do anything her brother can!

Sunday - Beckett has started dancing to the music. Anytime music comes on he starts moving his head and bouncing up and down. So much fun to watch!

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