Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eyes and Two Front Teeth

This morning after Brandon had brought Britton to school my eye started to feel funny.  All of a sudden I noticed the white of my eye was sticking out/swelling and coming out of my eye.  Thankfully Brandon was still home and I raced to the eye doctor.
He said I had an allergic reaction to something and two eye drops, two shots, and two types of medicine to take later I was one my way home. He said that sometimes actually the white of the eye can swell outside the eye when you blink. Ahhhh!!!
We had Oma over for the afternoon to hang out with us. Beckett showed off walking and even started turning around/direction while walking for Oma.

Paityn loved having someone to play dolls and house with!
At one point Oma and I were in the living room talking about life. The kids were playing and jumping on the bed when I heard Britton start screaming. He came running out and said "mama look!" In his hand appeared to be two teeth. Apparently the kids were jumping and flipping and Paityn accidentally while flipping over knocked Brittons two front teeth out. They had been loose and after he calmed down he did thank her. It was easy and done with!
After the trauma of the day, sweet Paityn picked me some flowers!

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