Sunday, April 20, 2014

Making Memories

What a beautiful morning to celebrate Jesus' resurrection.
The kids were excited to see their Easter baskets.
I love how much they love!
We tried multiple times to get a good picture - I just couldn't decide which one I loved the most!
Each one semed to capture their personalities.

This one has to be my favorite though. I know I'm biased but aren't they beautiful?

After church we had everyone over for lunch.
Getting 8 kids to smile and sit still is tough!

So glad that dad and Marion could be here with us.
And of course Auntie Marsha!

After quiet time we headed to Keith and Joan's house for an Easter egg hunt.

Then Britton got to fly a kite! It was a week full of firsts.

Dad, Marion and Auntie Marsha were leaving the next day so they stopped by before they left.

Briton was excited to show Opa the kite.
And of course how he rides his bike!

I love making memories.

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