Sunday, April 6, 2014

Princess Paityn

Today Beckett started saying "yes" Love hearing his vocabulary grow.
So I had planned a special time with Paityn today. Ana and Elsa from Frozen were coming to the Melting Pot. I had gotten reservations and told her we were going to have a mommy daughter date.

She had no idea what we were doing though.
So we left church a little early and headed to Nashville. She was just excited about the crowns they gave us!
I love my princess!
Jordan and Bre were very excited as well.
Paityn loved the cheese dip!
The chocolate of course was a hit.
When she realized she was going to see Elsa she was beside herself. Of course then when they came she was so nervous and didn't want to take a picture herself!

After Elsa had left she asked if she could go hug her. I told her yes but that she would have to do it as she passed our table.
So she ran out and hugged her! Love my sweet princess!

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