Friday, May 9, 2014

Britton's 7th Birthday

At some point I stopped blogging. I started uploading the pictures but I didn't actually blog. So I currently have a year and a half of pictures loaded and a ton of stuff to get caught up on.  I feel like this is currently my life. Running every which way, a million things to do, kids growing up way to fast, new things happening daily all while trying to slow down and enjoy it all.

So my goal is to get caught up. Who knows how long it'll take but that's my goal.  I want to make memory books from the blog.

It's kind of fun thinking back on these events.  I won't remember the little things but I will remember what was important.

Britton's 7th birthday - I'm afraid the month of May is always going to be crazy! With two birthdays, graduations, end of school and our anniversary this month is always going to get me! It has been so much fun to watch Britton grow and mature. To see his determination for some things and him choose what he likes/dislikes. I still remember rolling over in my hospital bed and realizing that I had him. He and I are a lot alike so sometimes I feel like I'm the hardest on him. 

Britton - I love you.  I love watching you play with daddy and how good you are to Paityn and Beckett. I love seeing your determination in school and watching how much you have changed over the past year. I love seeing you experience new things and trying to decide how you will accomplish it. I love watching you grow up. You are my firstborn, the one who made me a mom. I thank God daily that he choose me.  I love you! 

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